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HOLIDAY HOURS - DEC 24 11am only, DEC 25 closed, DEC 26 open as normal

Our schedule will be expanding to include more classes very soon. Classes are 60 minutes.

If you are a BEGINNER book your first week for $45 HERE
If you are EXPERIENCED in Muay Thai please email us and we will book you in

Check out the Academy Conduct page before visiting

We are located at 400 Troutman St Brooklyn NY
See you on the mat!



This class is perfect for beginners and is a great conditioning class for more advanced students. You will focus on bag work, cardio and conditioning. Your coach will help you to refine your technique and develop your skills.



Basics class involves longer combinations and partner pad work alongside the bags. You will build on the skills you learned in the Fit class and learn how to use these techniques in real Martial Arts training.



Advanced students must be approved by their coach before attending this class.

You will need your own mouth guard and shin guards for sparring.

Thai Box

Reaching back to ancient Siam, Muay Thai was developed to protect their capital city and later became the preferred hand-to-hand combat strategy of the nations military. Spanning hundreds of years, the "art of the eight limbs" has become a world renowned striking fight-sport and the national past time of Thailand. Its well-balanced and overwhelming striking style utilizes powerful kicks, knees, elbows and punches along with strategic clinching. Thai Boxing is now the preferred striking accompaniment to Jiu Jitsu by mixed martial artists worldwide. 


group or private

Small Groups:
4 members, 10 sessions, once per week at a set day and time. Small Group Training is a weekly semi-private session where you and 3 friends will be delving into a particular area of technique and its applicable concepts. 

Private Training:
Available upon request. Private sessions are an amazing way to take your game to the next level, work out some finer details of a particular technique, or simply grasp an overall perspective of the art form itself. 

Self Defense Workshops:
Available upon request. Group Workshops are perfect for company team building or just something to share between like minded friends. We can cater to groups between 4 and 16 people. Email us to find out about booking a self defence workshop at Hammer & Nail.