Hammer & Nail is bringing the art back to martial arts. We believe in experience. Membership numbers are capped to provide the personal attention necessary for individual advancement and quality learning. The learning curve becomes the primary goal when training martial arts as opposed to a fitness oriented health and wellness program. The growth in fitness level and abilities to handle stress, duress, pressure and pain become the byproduct of our training as you immerse yourself in a lifestyle, not just a group fitness class.

Our dojo is a clean, welcoming, and inspiring place to enter for the first time. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a full time competitor, Hammer & Nail will push you to limits, on and off the mat, further than you ever thought possible. We believe in changing lives and we're here to bridge the connection between traditional martial arts and a modern healthy lifestyle.





Ambiance and aesthetic are integral in design to aide the learning experience. Martial arts are a true medium of the art world. Our the academy reflects that in its features, textures and colors.

All with thoughtful detail as to not distract the member during training.
Thai Boxing has a vast range of detail oriented, articulated movement therefore it's necessary to maintain a high level of focus. Our clean design and light filled space is the perfect learning environment.



Quality, caring professors and coaches are at your disposal. Our staff is here to inspire. Not just teach technique.

Learning Martial arts is based on concepts and philosophy of movement and the control of aggression. We pride ourselves on that being the forefront of our curriculum. Learning an art form takes thousands of dedicated hours and strong bonds are created with your coaches and other members. Bonds that last a lifetime. 



Martial arts are cool again! You're becoming a valued member of an academy of like minded individuals, set on a common goal of expanding the consciousness through exploration in the most comprehensive and effective martial arts known to man. We've modernized the martial arts idealism while staying true to the foundations and history of it's culture. 

No contracts. No “affiliation”. You pay us for the service we provide and it’s YOUR journey. The bonds we create and the high quality of service is what builds loyalty and community.